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Shopping Malls are just one of the places where people would want to go on a day off, a phenomenon that has stimulated demand for more destination shopping centers. Hanging out with friends and making bond with the family for a cheaper cost and easier means.

Since Asia offers low labor costs and land is cheap, the continent has several huge malls.

China, as the most populous country and having the fastest growing economy, built hundreds of malls. In fact, four chinese malls are in the list of ten world’s largest malls according to Forbes Magazine as of 2007. There comes Zhengjia Plaza which is also known as Grandview Mall in Guangzhou. This huge western-style shopping mall includes fashion stores, several department stores, restaurants and fastfood chains, and an ice skating rink – typical features of a shopping mall, but one thing that leaves an impact is having a complex that includes a 48-story hotel and 30-story office building that filled up the 4.5 million square feet place. They also said they have the tallest indoor fountain.

Beijing, being the capital of the country made two ranks on the list. Beijing Mall as ranked number 7 all over the world. The 4.7 million square feet place features 4 levels of shopping area with interior residences, 600 stores and a man-made beach. Still in Beijing stands the second largest mall in the world – a compact, five-story building – the Golden Resources Mall (Jin Yuan). The building consists of rows and rows of shops with estimated a thousand of shops inside, outdoor kids’ theme parks and even windmills filling up the total area of 7.3 million square feet.

The largest of them all is the South China Mall which is located in the heart of China’s Southern Pearl River Delta in Dongguan.It is the world’s largest mall on gross leasable area, contains sufficient space for as many as 2,350 stores in approximately 7.1 million square feet leasable space and and 9.6 million square feet of total area. It is much known not just with its extreme hugeness but having arrayed with seven separate theme zones. New York Times saw it as a jumble of Disneyland and Las Vegas, a shopper’s version of paradise and hell all wrapped in one. You can stroll along the Venetian Canal or just walk in an indoor rain forest and streets of Hollywood, Paris and Amsterdam. You can also gamble through a casino trying to exceed Las Vegas’ extravaganzas or just gaze at an 85-foot replica of the Arc de Triomphe and Venice’s St. Mark’s bell tower and even ride and scream in an 553-meter indoor-outdoor roller coaster. This place can really be distinguished as a fantasy land – a place where you can find European-inspired architectures and Western-style theme parks. But in spite of the indulging beauty and being the largest among the planet, it is also the emptiest. “They set out to be the biggest, and hoped that being the biggest would be the attracting factor,” says David Hand.



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Looking for the best sights at Mandalay? Well, this is a list of beautiful and exceptional sceneries that can be observed at this point. Truly, the loveliness of Mandalay is one of a kind and it is really giving millions of people inspiration by its attractiveness.
Firstly recommended is the Mandalay Hill, Mingun, Amarapura, Sagain Hill. From the base to the top, you go by a lot of platforms where Buddha images are kept. The rise takes 30 minutes, on the top there is a temple covered with small mirror shards. On the edge of the cliff, there are many chairs where you can sit and enjoy the sun set. One of the best sun set spots indeed is located exactly here. The entire hill is sacred so everyone should take their shoes off at the bottom. After sunset, everyone should come down quickly as it gets dark there rapidly. A torch is recommended if you have one.
There is also this Mandalay Fort. It is a large fort occupying north east part of town.
All buildings were destroyed during the World War II and some have been reconstructed with solid materials. In the middle of the fort, there is Palace museum and fair ground.
Atumashi Kyaung is also at the list, located at North East from the Fort, at the bottom of the hill. This was built in 1857 by King Mindon and scorched down in 1980 that is why only a small part is remaining.
Shwe Nandaw Kyaung which is a wooden structure that was originally built in the palace compound in 1880 and was later relocated to its current location is also in at the list. At present it serves as a museum housing wooden carvings. The list also includes Kuthodaw Pagoda, which is built in 1857 by King Mindon and it houses more than 700 stone plates of Buddhism.
Khaunghmudaw Pagoda which was built in 1636 by King Thalun and was Famous for 46m dorm is also included at the list of sights in Mandalay. According to the legend, it was built with the image of the Queen’s breast. Together also with Sagaing Hill which is called Little Bagan is a hill filled with pagodas.
Sandamuni Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Mandalay Museum, Mahamuni Pagoda, Shwekyimyin Pagoda, Kywezun(Buffalo Point), Kyathiha Pagoda, Ava(Inwa), Sagaing Hill, Mingun, Monywa, Thanboddhay Temple are also on the list.
These are only teasers to the greatness and beauty that the Sight of Mandalay can offer. What more if you can visit it personally? Come on!


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What do you think is the event or something behind this Myanma Thanakha? What comes to your mind after hearing this? Well, Myanma Thanakha is defined as this: Prudish city matrons are deafening in their complaint and frequently their dissatisfaction is with the strengthening of costs of meat and fowl. Now, it is also shortage of coconut hair oil and, as a final straw, the sinister prices of Thanakha. Thanakha which is a botanical term (Limonia Acidissma Linn) is necessary as well as a preferred ornamental which comes in the form of a yellow sticky substance applied to the face and goes under the name of Thanakha. Therefore, this has developed into a topic of sparkling remark in the Myanmar Media.
The derivation of Thanakha is scarily capable of being historically traced as it leaps from the earliest glimmerings of development. The Queen of Peikthano (Srikhsetra Over 2,000 years ago has been documented as an aficionado of “thanaka”. Subsequent to the destruction of the Shwemadaw Pagoda in the tremor of 1930, the defrayal the carcasses there led to the detection of a spherical mineral chunk used by Princess Razadatukalya, daughter of Hanthawaddy Sinbyshin Minn for grinding the Thanakha woof . Afterwards, the chunk was donated to the Pagoda as an important historic artifact.
Myanmar female society is perhaps composed of the world’s aficionados of perfumed timber, but, through enlightenment provided by history, not completely so. Greek, Phoenican and Roman galleys bringing oriental supplies hardly ever forgot to comprise cargoes of scented timber. But almost certainly, in those ages it was too valuable to be afforded by woman masses. Scented timber could only find their way into the boudoirs of noble beauties such as Cleopatra. And for those ancients, as possibly also for the present man, a little chest made of perfumed timber would be an ideal present for an important person we wish to respect or gratify.
A number say, Thanakha is noticeable as infrequency among urban Myanmar womenfolk. It is admittedly distant less used in municipality than in the countryside. But it does authorize a substantial level of plea among townspeople. While the Modern Miss might not utilize it when going around the town, as a rule she does favor it as a final touch following a bath when at home, for the “thanaka” is perfume in addition to having a harsh quality. Now, maybe it is faced with rivalry from recent exquisiteness aids.


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Electronics and Gadgets are must haves nowadays – the computer age. Undeniably, China is one of the first and greatest Manufacturers of Electronics from mobile phones to game consoles through ranges of prices. Hence, you can frequently see at the back or inside your gadget the words “Made in China”.

Entrepreneurs buy bulk of Electronics from China to resell it with their respective countries. That’s the reason why you can buy imported China Gadgets even when you’re not in China. But if you want to see it yourself, that’ll be fantastic. A Chinese tour plus the witnessing of Bargain Places is amazing. You can buy your gadgets for less – super less. It’s somewhat similar in buying a gadget with a free tour. Isn’t it cool?

Arriving at Beijing, and finding the perfect gadget for you is right there at Hongqiao Market, a safe place to shop for. They cater goods including electronic ones for less after hours of bargaining. But looking for cheaper electronics will head you to Computer City and Shu Ma Guang Chang Square which is on Renmin Nanlu and the South first Ring Road.

The most famous city for bargains is Shenzhen. It is visited by hundred of thousands citizens, travellers and tourists, basically, one reason is that, it is on the Border of HongKong. Shenzhen is divided into specialized shopping zones or districts. Each district is appointed to cater for particular types of merchandise. In this case, the district of “Huaqiangbeilu” is where you’ll find everything electronic. There are six electronics market in this district. One is Shenzhen Broadcasting Center Building, which offers all computer components and accessories, from external hard drive, VCD/DVD-ROM to the smallest flash drives. Another is Saibo Digital Plaza, a compact building not just offering computer accessories but everything digital or electronic. Don’t ever worry if you haven’t catch your perfect gadget, the biggest of them all is still waiting for you – the SEG. It is the size of a department store but instead of clothes, there are ten floors of electronics. You may be able to find anything you could ever want in electronics here – everything, branded or local. This district is a computer, techno-geeks paradise.

Okay. Want a single place for cell phones only? It’s the “Cell Phone Street” you are finding for which is located at Tidujie Street . In the department store on the south side of the street, competition between shops is so intense that prices for new cell phones are as low as possible. Second hand phones are also available for purchase on the north side of the street.

Remember to bargain anywhere stated above and be glad to get a 10% or even 15% off with your gadget. Get hip and cool with your new gadget.


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Do you know what ‘click’ is? Yes, the verb ‘click,’ no more no less.

Click is the term used to depress and release a mouse button rapidly. But do you also know what is the capacity of a ‘click’? What is its impact to our lives? Well, a click can change our life, can nurture and expand our knowledge, and especially, it can link us to the world.

With a click at the internet icon, presto! You’re entering the cyberworld, the cyberlife, and you’re immediately being redirected to the world of social networks where making friends and being touched to your loved ones build an equilibrium.

Yes, communicating by means of cyberly-modified programs cuts the long distance barrier between a person and his loved ones. Internet provides the fastest and most convenitent way of communication, without travelling. It gives us the easiest and affordable means of interaction.

There are many valuable things that we can acquire from the internet. A click speaks louder. ^_^

thats all for now.

Exalted Friendship

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As you sit in silence, thinking of the unknown, wondering why,

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, until your tears run dry.
Never will I allow any means to hurt you,

I’ll be sitting beside you, just as you always do.

When you’ve been hurt and can’t believe what they’ve done
If you need someone to talk to, I’ll be the one.
To wipe and shed your tears,

To mend and cloth your fears.

If someone hurts you, and it seems so hard to recover,
Bear in mind, I’m here, lending a helping hand, until the doubt gets over.

We’ll strongly fight the core of uncertainty,

And we’ll sturdily plant the seed of unity.

If constraints are getting so dominant
release your fright and start to pant.

Look for me and I’ll help you pursue,

Remember, burdens are lighter when carried by two,

I’ll be your brawling eagle

Your guide and guardian angel.

I’ll be your ears, I’ll be your eyes.

I’ll be anything your mind can gasp.

Above all, we’ll make both ends meet;
we’ll walk steadfast on our goal – an exalted Friendship.