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Exalted Friendship

Posted in Creations with tags , , on September 9, 2008 by jjland127

As you sit in silence, thinking of the unknown, wondering why,

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, until your tears run dry.
Never will I allow any means to hurt you,

I’ll be sitting beside you, just as you always do.

When you’ve been hurt and can’t believe what they’ve done
If you need someone to talk to, I’ll be the one.
To wipe and shed your tears,

To mend and cloth your fears.

If someone hurts you, and it seems so hard to recover,
Bear in mind, I’m here, lending a helping hand, until the doubt gets over.

We’ll strongly fight the core of uncertainty,

And we’ll sturdily plant the seed of unity.

If constraints are getting so dominant
release your fright and start to pant.

Look for me and I’ll help you pursue,

Remember, burdens are lighter when carried by two,

I’ll be your brawling eagle

Your guide and guardian angel.

I’ll be your ears, I’ll be your eyes.

I’ll be anything your mind can gasp.

Above all, we’ll make both ends meet;
we’ll walk steadfast on our goal – an exalted Friendship.