China is now a boost into “shop ’til you drop”. Hundreds of Malls are everywhere. Women are into shopping, finding pretty dresses, glamorous shoes up to the cutest accessories to get into the latest fashion trends. Not only women but also men do. They do shop cool clothes from shirts, pants, polos up to leather jackets.

Wholesale stores are preferred by some, to get wholesale prices – cheaper than regular. Some wholesale markets is strict in minimum orders, minimum of 10 pieces, 20 or even more. Of course they got range of prices through range of pieces. Also, some wholesale stores offer no-minimum policy, but in wholesale prices. An individual can enjoy the leisure of shopping for themselves.

Since women are more into shopping and fashion, let’s explore China’s Wholesale stores for Ladies. First is the “Women’s Market”, located in the Central Business District, intersection of DaYeJie and ShangDongDajie. Any kind of clothing accessories, jewelries or styles of women’s fashion can be found here for surprisingly reasonable prices. The market is a two-floor maze of tiny wall stalls and little shops.

Basically, if you’re looking for a larger place to shop for men and women, you’ll have to see yourself the famous Pearl Market where they offer good quality clothes for wholesale price, also varies on the quantity.

Gone larger, now cheaper. Shenzhen is really famous for shopping galore. They have different districts for every merchandise. Too large, that it’s quite impossible not to find what you’re looking for. They have wholesale stores – lots, catering thousand varieties of clothes and accessories. One specific place is the Lowu Commercial City, a great place to buy bulks of clothings, everyone is friendly so be prepared to be overwhelmed.

Truly, China is a gigantic business place. Here, you can find anything you wanted like clothes and jewelries. In fact, they have lots of tailors, the reason why they came up with bulks of clothes to be sold out to the market.


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