What do you think is the event or something behind this Myanma Thanakha? What comes to your mind after hearing this? Well, Myanma Thanakha is defined as this: Prudish city matrons are deafening in their complaint and frequently their dissatisfaction is with the strengthening of costs of meat and fowl. Now, it is also shortage of coconut hair oil and, as a final straw, the sinister prices of Thanakha. Thanakha which is a botanical term (Limonia Acidissma Linn) is necessary as well as a preferred ornamental which comes in the form of a yellow sticky substance applied to the face and goes under the name of Thanakha. Therefore, this has developed into a topic of sparkling remark in the Myanmar Media.
The derivation of Thanakha is scarily capable of being historically traced as it leaps from the earliest glimmerings of development. The Queen of Peikthano (Srikhsetra Over 2,000 years ago has been documented as an aficionado of “thanaka”. Subsequent to the destruction of the Shwemadaw Pagoda in the tremor of 1930, the defrayal the carcasses there led to the detection of a spherical mineral chunk used by Princess Razadatukalya, daughter of Hanthawaddy Sinbyshin Minn for grinding the Thanakha woof . Afterwards, the chunk was donated to the Pagoda as an important historic artifact.
Myanmar female society is perhaps composed of the world’s aficionados of perfumed timber, but, through enlightenment provided by history, not completely so. Greek, Phoenican and Roman galleys bringing oriental supplies hardly ever forgot to comprise cargoes of scented timber. But almost certainly, in those ages it was too valuable to be afforded by woman masses. Scented timber could only find their way into the boudoirs of noble beauties such as Cleopatra. And for those ancients, as possibly also for the present man, a little chest made of perfumed timber would be an ideal present for an important person we wish to respect or gratify.
A number say, Thanakha is noticeable as infrequency among urban Myanmar womenfolk. It is admittedly distant less used in municipality than in the countryside. But it does authorize a substantial level of plea among townspeople. While the Modern Miss might not utilize it when going around the town, as a rule she does favor it as a final touch following a bath when at home, for the “thanaka” is perfume in addition to having a harsh quality. Now, maybe it is faced with rivalry from recent exquisiteness aids.


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