shopping malls

Shopping Malls are just one of the places where people would want to go on a day off, a phenomenon that has stimulated demand for more destination shopping centers. Hanging out with friends and making bond with the family for a cheaper cost and easier means.

Since Asia offers low labor costs and land is cheap, the continent has several huge malls.

China, as the most populous country and having the fastest growing economy, built hundreds of malls. In fact, four chinese malls are in the list of ten world’s largest malls according to Forbes Magazine as of 2007. There comes Zhengjia Plaza which is also known as Grandview Mall in Guangzhou. This huge western-style shopping mall includes fashion stores, several department stores, restaurants and fastfood chains, and an ice skating rink – typical features of a shopping mall, but one thing that leaves an impact is having a complex that includes a 48-story hotel and 30-story office building that filled up the 4.5 million square feet place. They also said they have the tallest indoor fountain.

Beijing, being the capital of the country made two ranks on the list. Beijing Mall as ranked number 7 all over the world. The 4.7 million square feet place features 4 levels of shopping area with interior residences, 600 stores and a man-made beach. Still in Beijing stands the second largest mall in the world – a compact, five-story building – the Golden Resources Mall (Jin Yuan). The building consists of rows and rows of shops with estimated a thousand of shops inside, outdoor kids’ theme parks and even windmills filling up the total area of 7.3 million square feet.

The largest of them all is the South China Mall which is located in the heart of China’s Southern Pearl River Delta in Dongguan.It is the world’s largest mall on gross leasable area, contains sufficient space for as many as 2,350 stores in approximately 7.1 million square feet leasable space and and 9.6 million square feet of total area. It is much known not just with its extreme hugeness but having arrayed with seven separate theme zones. New York Times saw it as a jumble of Disneyland and Las Vegas, a shopper’s version of paradise and hell all wrapped in one. You can stroll along the Venetian Canal or just walk in an indoor rain forest and streets of Hollywood, Paris and Amsterdam. You can also gamble through a casino trying to exceed Las Vegas’ extravaganzas or just gaze at an 85-foot replica of the Arc de Triomphe and Venice’s St. Mark’s bell tower and even ride and scream in an 553-meter indoor-outdoor roller coaster. This place can really be distinguished as a fantasy land – a place where you can find European-inspired architectures and Western-style theme parks. But in spite of the indulging beauty and being the largest among the planet, it is also the emptiest. “They set out to be the biggest, and hoped that being the biggest would be the attracting factor,” says David Hand.


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