Speaking of the most populous city in China, here’s a list of information regarding the cities. The top 5 most populous city at China are namely: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin.
First on the list, we have Shanghai which is mainly situated on the eastern coast of the country, which is a port on the estuary of the River Yangtze. With 15789000 inhabitants, it landed as the most populous city at the country of the sleeping giant. Well, this could be a great fact and with this number of people you could face at Shanghai, you can meet a lot of friends, undeniably. Shanghai also contains areas of British, French and American Settlement until the World War II. The Founding of Chinese Communist Party took place at this place way back in 1921, which makes this city also a historic one for Chinese citizens.
Then, at the second place, next to Shanghai is the capital of China, the city of Beijing which is situated at the north eastern part of the country. Way back in 1421, Beijing became the country’s capital and at the start of the Ming period, and lastly, survived as the Republic of China’s capital after the revolution which took place at 1912. Beijing is also formerly called as Peking. This city is also a historic one. With its 11106000 inhabitants, it landed at the second place of the most populous cities at the Republic of China.
Next to Shanghai and Beijing, and at the third spot, together with its 9447000 inhabitants is the city of Guangzhou or also Kwangchow. It is a city in southern China and it is also the capital of Guangdong province. Talking about the leading industrial and commercial center of Southern China? Well, the city of Guangzhou is the leading and it lands at the top in these matters. It is also called as Canton.
Fourth spot belongs to the city which has 8114000 inhabitants which is the city of Shenzhen. It is an industrial city located at the southern part of China which is also the north of Hong Kong. The city of Shenzhen is also the first Special Economic Zone and Southern China’s major financial Center. And after Shanghai, it is also the second busiest port in mainland China.
Last spot out of five is the City of Tianjin or also Tientsin with 7468000 inhabitants. It is one of the four cities with a provincial-level status, and also a port city in northeastern China located in Hubei province.


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