hot pots

Well, if winter season is nearly coming, or is actually here, then the demands for hot pot will now increase for this has been the favorite of Beijing people during times of cold weather. The quantity and quality of Beijing Hotpot Restaurants will definitely speak of how Beijing people love this food stuff. Two kinds of hotpot restaurants are located at Beijing which is basically the Mongolian style and the Sichuan style.

The staple of both types of hotpot is mutton and the meat is usually sliced frozen so that it curls up into a tube shape. The boiling soup base later on cooks the meat you place at the hotpot which is a copper pot so that it will be totally hot. Shuan is the term used to describe the act of cooking the meat. Beef, frozen bean curd, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and glass noodles are also the ones which are called shuan-ables.

At the list of crowded restaurant with hot pot lovers is the Tian Yi Shun located at Haidian District. They offer delicious boiling soup with tangy hot flavors and the mutton is fresh. One of the recommended dishes is the Sheep’s Backbone which is said to be really delicious.

Here also is Golden Paddy restaurant that is highly praised for its genuine Sichuan flavored hot pot. This is located at Chaoyang District. There is also this called Flaming Phoenix restaurant located at Dongcheng district and Xicheng District which offers the hotpot with bull frog, braised chicken and rabbit meat. They offer lots of hotpots with hot flavors. Next is the Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant which is located at Chongwen district, Dongheyan District and Xicheng District. Hai Di Lao restaurant is also at the list which is located at Haidian District, Chaoyang District Xicheng District and Xuanwu District. Little Sheep restaurant at Xuanwu District, Changping District, Chaoyang District and Haidian District is also at the list. Yushanfang Hot and Spicy Pot is also at the list that promotes hotpots that are said to be not common where meat and vegetables are fried together with hot flavor, it is located at Haidian District. Other one is the Jing Fu Hua restaurant that recommends their fat beef specialty at Chaoyang District. Then there is this Neng Ren Ju Restaurant at Qianmen and Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant at Xicheng District. There is also this Chongqing Jinshancheng Hotpotat Haidian District and Tiandu Chongqing Hotpot Restaurant at the same district. Plus this Huang Cheng Lao Ma restaurant at Xicheng District.

Well, these restaurants offer the best hotpots in China, come and visit these places so that you can have the feeling of the sensation given by hotpots!


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