Looking for some exotic food trip? Well then, in China, there are lots of menus to choose from, Scorpion, Seahorse, Cicada, Stinky Fish, Star Fish, the list goes on.
You can experiencethe exceptional tastes of these exotic foods while roaming around the corners of Wangfujing Snack Street. These foods are alluring people who are definitely wanting to experience the different taste of unusual foods. With its cheap price every visitor could have a taste of these stuffs. Plus, they can benefit on the things that can be acquired from these odd and extraordinary foods.
These strange street foods at China can really satisfy the unusual tounge of adventurers. These chows can bring its tasters a gift of unusuality and oddity plus they can give various attributes that can be helpful and beneficial for them.
If one is looking for something tasty and odd stuff, and most especially can strengthen their sexual ability, then the taste of seahorse can be the answer to their prayers. Not only it can give you the extraordinary flavor, but it can savor your sexual performance and will give you lots of energy that will give success to your acts.
Scorpions do give us fear and fright, but when they are fried, surely, the scare will be gone, but later on, it will be turned as a major type of craving. Scorpion can make you withstand the cold weather by giving your blood a hotter sensation and will help you maintain your body temperature. Plus, this can cure certain diseases, it can fight something unhealthy for our body. This bad thing can really cure something bad, now, that sounds helpful and prolific.
Cicada is also one odd thing that is being sold at Beijing’s streets, this insects can somehow satisfy your extraordinary craving and will make you experience the oddity of life and strange approach of adventure. How about tasting this one to have a cool and enhanced aura?
Well, here’s also starfish, these creatures can give you a blast of savory and flavor. By tasting them, you can enjoy the delight of something different with strange taste and with a flavorful palatability.
If you’re looking for a peculiar yet mouth-watering experience, then these odd creatures that are ready to be eaten are definitely for you. The strangeness it can give you can be a great totem towards something new and something unusual to explore. Don’t just sit back there, prepare for a trip and experience the peculiarity of these foods. Don’t be left behind!


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