Electronics and Gadgets are must haves nowadays – the computer age. Undeniably, China is one of the first and greatest Manufacturers of Electronics from mobile phones to game consoles through ranges of prices. Hence, you can frequently see at the back or inside your gadget the words “Made in China”.

Entrepreneurs buy bulk of Electronics from China to resell it with their respective countries. That’s the reason why you can buy imported China Gadgets even when you’re not in China. But if you want to see it yourself, that’ll be fantastic. A Chinese tour plus the witnessing of Bargain Places is amazing. You can buy your gadgets for less – super less. It’s somewhat similar in buying a gadget with a free tour. Isn’t it cool?

Arriving at Beijing, and finding the perfect gadget for you is right there at Hongqiao Market, a safe place to shop for. They cater goods including electronic ones for less after hours of bargaining. But looking for cheaper electronics will head you to Computer City and Shu Ma Guang Chang Square which is on Renmin Nanlu and the South first Ring Road.

The most famous city for bargains is Shenzhen. It is visited by hundred of thousands citizens, travellers and tourists, basically, one reason is that, it is on the Border of HongKong. Shenzhen is divided into specialized shopping zones or districts. Each district is appointed to cater for particular types of merchandise. In this case, the district of “Huaqiangbeilu” is where you’ll find everything electronic. There are six electronics market in this district. One is Shenzhen Broadcasting Center Building, which offers all computer components and accessories, from external hard drive, VCD/DVD-ROM to the smallest flash drives. Another is Saibo Digital Plaza, a compact building not just offering computer accessories but everything digital or electronic. Don’t ever worry if you haven’t catch your perfect gadget, the biggest of them all is still waiting for you – the SEG. It is the size of a department store but instead of clothes, there are ten floors of electronics. You may be able to find anything you could ever want in electronics here – everything, branded or local. This district is a computer, techno-geeks paradise.

Okay. Want a single place for cell phones only? It’s the “Cell Phone Street” you are finding for which is located at Tidujie Street . In the department store on the south side of the street, competition between shops is so intense that prices for new cell phones are as low as possible. Second hand phones are also available for purchase on the north side of the street.

Remember to bargain anywhere stated above and be glad to get a 10% or even 15% off with your gadget. Get hip and cool with your new gadget.


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